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Once you’ve chosen your annuity, there’s no turning back – so making the right decision is essential. Here’s how Moneyfacts Annuity Service can help you:

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Shopping around for the right annuity rates could increase your retirement income by up to 40%*.

It is a common misconception that you can only purchase your annuity from your pension provider. You are free to take your pension pot and shop around the market to get the best annuity to suit you.

We can help you shop around

The Moneyfacts Annuity Service could help you get up to 40% more retirement income.
Our Online Annuity Planner will also assist you while shopping around for better annuity rates providing help with the following:

  • Comparing quotes from a variety of annuity providers
  • Establish whether you qualify for any ‘enhancements’ due to health and lifestyle which could further improve your  retirement income.
  • Understand all the options you have to help protect your income against inflation, extend payments to your dependents etc.
  • Show the effect that taking each option will have on your income
  • Ensure you are able to choose the options knowing that they suit your needs.

Do you qualify for an enhanced annuity?

Standard annuities, providers offer different annuity rates largely based on age. But many people – nearly 60%** –  may have a condition that could qualify for an enhanced annuity.

If you qualify for an enhanced annuity,  you could increase your pension income by as much as 40%* (depending on your health and lifestyle conditions). To help you make the right decision, Moneyfacts Annuity Service can help you by comparing annuity rates from annuity providers quickly and easily.

There’s a range of health and lifestyle conditions that are considered by enhanced annuity providers. These may include:

  1. Are you a smoker?
  2. Do you have high cholesterol?
  3. Are you overweight?
  4. Do you have serious or life-threatening medical conditions?
  5. Do you have raised blood pressure?
  6. Have you ever been hospitalised?

The list of medical conditions outlined above is not exhaustive.  So if you feel you might qualify for another condition it is worth giving us a call or visiting Moneyfacts Annuity Service.

What’s more, usually you can also choose to take up to 25% of your fund tax-free in cash, although this will mean you will receive a lower income in retirement.

Try our free online Annuity Planner.

Our handy online tool takes you through your choices in retirement, helps you learn about annuities and compare the latest annuity rates from a range of providers.
Once you’ve chosen, we’ll manage the entire process on your behalf, ensuring you receive the retirement income you deserve hassle free.

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* Source date: 03/12/2013. 40% is achieved by comparing the lowest standard annuity rate against the best enhanced rate for a person who has specific medical conditions: diagnosed with bowel cancer 2 years ago, treated with surgery and takes 2 medications daily. Quotes are based on a RH2 7RT postcode, for a 65 year old individual with a pension pot of £25,000 with a 5 year guaranteed period, no escalation and no value protection, which have been obtained from a leading panel of providers via Premier Retirement Services. The comparison is based on rates available via the open market option only and it should be noted that smaller increases will be achieved for less serious medical or lifestyle conditions.

** Just Retirement Research April 2013

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