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59% male

41% female


46% are aged 55+

16% are aged 35 - 44

16% are aged 25 – 34

15% are aged 45 – 54

7% are aged 18 - 24


35% live in the London & the South East

24% live in the North of England

20% live in the Midlands

13% live in the South West

8% live in East Anglia

8% live in Scotland


53% own their home, with a mortgage

29% own their home outright

8% are in rented accommodation


40% earn between £20 and £40k

24% earn £50k +


59% are employed full-time

12% are retired

10% are self-employed

32% work in Finance/Insurance/Real Estate

63% are in intermediate managerial, higher managerial or professional occupations


35% are educated to degree level or above

28% have a professional qualification


40% have one child at home under 18

35% have more than one child at home under 18