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What is a Best Buy?

Best buyHere at our aim is to give you access to the best deals.

To this end we compile (and constantly review) our Best Buy charts to quickly give you an overview of the best products available at any given time.

When we go about compiling our Best Buys, our in-house team of researchers consider every product we have listed. 

How we choose a Best Buy product

Our goal

Simply to provide an independent selection of the best products out there, that will appeal to the majority of customers.

We show all the products available to you in our product searches, with a handful of better ones appearing in our Best Buy tables.

Why we don’t include certain products in our Best Buy charts

  • if they are restricted to a specific group of customers (such as a mortgage only available to customers living in a very localised area, or a savings account only on offer to customers who work in a certain profession).
  • if they can only be applied for by using an intermediary (a Mortgage Broker or an Independent Financial Adviser for instance).
  • where securing a product is dependent on a satisfactory credit reference, or where no more than one product can be held by an individual, we limit the number of times that particular Bank or Building Society can appear in our charts.
  • if they are only available subject to you taking out or opening an additional product that requires funding or charges you a fee.

Why choose a Best Buy

Best buyOur Best Buy tables are a great indicator of which products are best to buy and what’s out there at a glance, but everybody’s needs are different.

That’s why you can search all the products we list as well.  Don’t worry, we don’t ask you to provide your life history – just a few details that allow us to return the products that best suit you.  

Compare the whole market

When you perform a product search, your results display showing those products you can apply for via now using the green button, which will either take you to your chosen provider's website or to an independent adviser chosen by Moneyfacts.  You can still apply for other products online that are in our search results (as long as the provider allows this): you just can’t do that directly from