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Email Safe Sender List


To make sure you receive the newsletter add us to your 'Permitted Senders' or 'Safe' email lists within your email accounts.

Email and Spam Filter Providers:

iPhone and iPad
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  1. If the newsletter goes to your junk folder, open the junk folder and find the message.
  2. Move the message into the inbox.
  3. Add to your address book.
  4. Open the newsletter, right-click on our email address and choose 'Add to Contacts'.
  5. For more information about Apple Mail, visit the Apple Mail Support Pages.

Google Mail (Gmail)
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  1. Once you've opened your Gmail inbox Click the relevant email you have received from
  2. Click the 'Not Spam' button
  3. Next, Click on the little downward facing arrow next to 'Reply'
  4. Click on the 'Add to Contacts list'

Google Android
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  1. Once opened, select 'Contacts'
  2. Click on 'New Contact'
  3. Type in and then Click 'Ok'

Apple Mail
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  1. Click on the email from
  2. Move the newsletter to the inbox
  3. Add to your address book.
  4. Open the newsletter, right-click on our email address and choose 'Add to Contacts' (formerly Hotmail) (Back to Top)

  1. If our email goes to your junk folder, go to your junk folder and mark the received message as 'Not Junk'
  2. Open the newsletter and right-click our email address, abd select 'Add To Contacts'.

Yahoo (Back to Top)

  1. Check your 'Yahoo! Bulk Folder' if you find an email from in your folder, Open it and Click 'Not Spam'
  2. Now create a Yahoo! Filter. Open you inbox Click on 'Mail Options'
  3. Select 'Filters' from the bottom left hand corner and select 'Add'
  4. Select the label 'From header:' and make sure 'Contains' is selected in the dropdown menu and enter
  5. Click the 'Choose Folder' from the drop down menu and select 'Inbox'
  6. Click the 'Add Filter' button again to save

Windows Mail (Back to Top)

  1. Locate our message in your junk folder and open it.
  2. Click the 'Message' menu and select 'Junk Email', then do either
    • Click 'Add Sender to Safe Senders List'
    • Click 'Add Sender's Domain ( to Safe Senders List'

Windows Live Mail (Back to Top)

  1. Open our newsletter and click the 'Home' tab in the Ribbon.
  2. Select 'Safety Options' from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the 'Add' button and then enter
  4. Click 'OK'