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UK store cards – who’s the lender?

Category: Credit cards
Author: Tim Leonard
Updated: 28/09/2018

Store cards can be tempting if you regularly shop at a particular high street retailer.

Nowadays you can walk into many high street shops and they'll offer you their own card, often with incentives such as upfront discounts. Many of these are now regular credit cards that can be used anywhere, where store cards can only be used in one particular shop. While store cards can have great benefits, it's wise to be cautious – they're credit cards like any other, and interest charges tend to be quite high if you don't pay off your bill in full every month.

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Which credit provider issues your store card?

If you take out a store card, the credit you get will not usually be given by the store itself. Most cards are just branded cards issued by other credit providers.

Find your card in our list of the main UK store cards to see who provides the credit. All the credit issuers shown are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Store Card Credit Provider
Argos Home Retail Group
Karen Millen Ikano Financial Services
New Look Ikano Financial Services
Oasis VIP Ikano Financial Services
Warehouse Ikano Financial Services

Top Tip

If you have been declined credit when applying for a store card, don't try again until you have checked your credit profile. It helps to understand how credit scores work.

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