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How to stay cool but vigilant this summer

How to stay cool but vigilant this summer

Category: Insurance
Author: Tim Leonard
Updated: 14/06/2018

Homeowners are being warned to stay safe this summer, as high temperatures pose additional risks to home and vehicle security.

Simple considerations, such as closing doors and windows and locking away valuable items at night can sometimes be overlooked when the sun is in the sky. However, bearing in mind the following points can save a lot of heartache and make all the difference when an insurance claim has to be made.

1- Always avoid leaving windows and doors open when possible, particularly at night or while you are away from your property.

Leaving windows and doors open may seem like a good way to keep your house cool, but this can be an open invitation to opportunistic thieves, and potentially invalidate any claim you make as a consequence.

2- Do not leave items such as gardening equipment and fashionable garden furniture out overnight or while you are not at home.

Items such as trendy gazebos, expensive garden equipment, furniture and ornaments and even hot tubs can be very tempting to passing thieves, so it is always wise to keep such items covered up and out of view of passers-by.

Always lock garden tools away in a secure shed when not using them.

3- Never leave valuable items on display in your car.

Car parks are often a favourite haunt for thieves during the summer, with many people making the careless mistake of leaving their vehicle with the windows or roofs down.

Always either lock valuables in the glove box or take them with you.

3- Subsidence can occur during very hot weather, leading to the movement of a property's foundations.

Cracks of more than 3mm, sloping floors and poorly fitting doors can indicate subsidence and not all home insurance policies will be covered for this condition, so it is worth checking what terrain your house is built on and what your policy covers you for.

4- Notify a trusted neighbour or relative if you are going on a summer holiday.

If you are planning on being away from your property overnight or for a longer period, ask someone you know and trust completely to keep an eye on your home. Doing so will give you some peace of mind while you are away and potentially avoid coming home to any nasty surprises.

5- Try to avoid discussing your holiday on social networking sites.

Boasting to your friends about being away in an exotic location may seem tempting, but just remember that you will also be broadcasting the fact that your home is empty to possibly hundreds of people, some of whom you may not even know.

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