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Michelle Monck

Michelle Monck

Consumer Finance Expert
Published: 06/08/2021

Moneyfacts has rated Churchill Car Insurance and Churchill DriveSure Car Insurance five stars for their range of cover and features.

Analysts at Moneyfacts rate the best car insurance providers across all aspects of the insurance policy including pricing, services, and additional areas of cover. For example, discounts for multiple vehicles, courtesy vehicles and cover for personal belongings.

What is included in a Churchill Car Insurance policy?

Churchill Car Insurance is a five star rated policy meaning it has a comprehensive range of cover and features. Those insured with Churchill that have an accident can benefit from:

  • A 24 hour emergency helpline
  • Access to a courtesy car while the insured vehicle is repaired (comprehensive cover)
  • Up to £100 for immediate travel expenses (comprehensive cover)
  • All repairs made under insurance have a five year guarantee
  • Choice of a replacement vehicle or a cash pay out when a vehicle is written off
  • No claims discount retained if the vehicle is vandalised.

Is Comprehensive Plus from Churchill worth it?

This level of cover from Churchill offers drivers additional protection compared to the standard comprehensive cover. This includes protecting no claims and covering any excess if hit by an uninsured driver and the accident is not their fault. Personal accident cover for the driver and their partner or spouse up to £5,000 is also included, along with legal cover up to £100,000. Those with young children will also benefit from replacement child car seats up to £250 in case of an accident. The car is also automatically covered for travel abroad up to 90 days.

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What is DriveSure from Churchill Insurance?

DriveSure is a telematics insurance policy. Telematics uses GPS technology via your mobile phone to record how you drive, and rewards safe drivers with reduced premiums. Churchill offers DriveSure to those aged 17 to 25, often a group of drivers that can face extremely high costs for car insurance.

What are the benefits of DriveSure from Churchill Insurance?

DriveSure offers drivers with a full driving licence discounts from year one. Those that drive safely can also obtain further discounts when they renew their insurance policy.

During the first year of insurance drivers with a full driving licence won’t have their premium changed mid term based on their driving scores.

It’s easy to get set up, drivers only need a mobile phone and to download the Churchill DriveSure app. The app also provides drivers with an update on their driving scores.

What does the Churcill DriveSure app measure?

The app assesses driving behaviour and the places and times of day the driver travels. This includes factors such as the speed of travel compared to other road users, rates of acceleration and braking and how the length of journeys without a break The app records phone calls received and any physical phone usage while driving. The app also tracks the times of day travelled and the types and complexity of roads used.

How can I improve my score on the Drive Sure app?

Here are 5 tips to boost your DriveSure score:

  1. Remain within the speed limits and at a similar pace to other road users.
  2. Avoid extreme acceleration and hard braking, instead look to speed up and slow down slowly and smoothly.
  3. Avoid driving fatigue by taking frequent breaks on long journeys.
  4. Keep your phone away from the front of the car to avoid being unnecessarily distracted.
  5. Avoid late night journeys as these are deemed riskier than travelling at other times.

The eligibility requirements for DriveSure

Drivers must be under 26 years old and hold a full UK driving licence. There can only be one named driver on the policy.

Policy holders must download the app within seven days of the policy start date or the insurance policy may be cancelled.

It is a requirement that all journeys are recorded using the app and this means drivers must keep their phone location services on at all times. If drivers are not going to use their car for 14 consecutive days, then they must let Churchill know or their policy could be cancelled.

What happens when you are a passenger in someone else’s car?

The app is set to track all journeys where a mode of transportation is likely. Drivers can use the app to edit journeys to flag those where they were not the driver.

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