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Guide to Pension and Annuity jargon

Category: Retirement
Author: Tim Leonard
Updated: 26/03/2018

The need to save for retirement has become increasingly clear over the last few years, but the pensions and annuities sector is perhaps guiltier than most at having bamboozling terms and jargon – not helpful when it comes to making what can be the most important set of financial choices that you'll ever have to make.

While the importance of proper independent financial advice can be invaluable when considering your pension options, the more you understand the jargon associated with this field, the more comfortable you'll be when it comes to making your decision.

The terms we deal with below are generally the ones you'll hear around the point you come to retire. Of course, there are many more terms and confusing jargon when it comes to pensions, but we've narrowed it down to bring you the eight that we feel are the most important to understand.

Pensions and annuities – who'd have thought they could be so confusing? The really frustrating part is that they really aren't, it's just that with fancily-named terms and phrases they can seem a lot worse than is actually the case, so read our guides to see if we can demystify things a bit.

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