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What are ethical savings accounts?

Category: Savings
Author: Tim Leonard
Updated: 11/12/2017

Knowing how an investment is being used can be very important to many savers.

For instance, you might not be happy knowing that your savings are being used to help finance industries that have an adverse effect on the environment. Or you may not want your money lent to the producers of weapons, or to bankroll a gambling business.

You might want to go even further and know that your money is only being invested in organisations and projects that make a positive impact to the environment and to local communities.

Ethical banks and building societies in the UK

There is a small minority of truly ethical banks and building societies in the UK that offer such transparency and ethical lending commitments. They are:

  • Charity Bank
  • The Co-operative Bank
  • Ecology BS
  • Triodos Bank

It is generally the case that you don't earn as much interest in an ethical savings account as in a non-ethical alternative, but what you do get is peace of mind that every penny of interest you receive has been earned ethically.

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