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How do I switch suppliers?

How do I switch suppliers?

Category: Utilities
Author: Tim Leonard
Updated: 10/08/2018

The thought of switching your business energy supplier can be daunting.

Trying to run a business while getting competitive quotes, new contracts, new meters, and sorting out any potential supplier objections can be near impossible.

Why switch suppliers?

Many businesses wrongly believe that they cannot change their commercial deal. This is simply not the case and switching suppliers could mean they save significantly on current energy bills.

When can I switch supplier?

Automatic renewal of contracts is standard practice with business energy. Your current supplier needs a minimum of four weeks' notice in order for you to switch suppliers, so make sure to give the required notice before your contract comes to an end.

How do I know if the deal is right for me?

It's all about research. Most of the major commercial energy suppliers will offer you a commercial contract, meaning rates will be competitive, but as with other types of energy contract, you need to thoroughly consider the different tariffs available.

Looking for a deal that is 10% lower than your previous contract will ensure your energy bill is most cost-effective, so start comparing the options to see if you can keep your bills in check.

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