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How Moneyfacts works

A money comparison site you can trust

When it comes to comprehensive, independent and reliable money comparison nobody has been doing it longer than us. So it’s no surprise that Moneyfacts has been the Best Buy provider of choice for the UK press and media for over three decades.

In addition, the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards are famous across the industry as a showcase of the very best financial products available to the public.

Behind our market-leading reputation is the commitment to providing honest, unbiased information, free at the point of service. As a trusted brand you can be confident of the clarity and impartiality of the information we provide – and that includes complete transparency on sponsored products and advertising on our website.'s ethical ethos is supported by four key commitments to both the providers of the financial products we feature and those who use our service.

Free is proud to offer the best and most comprehensive money comparison charts at absolutely no cost to you. We receive payment from intermediaries and product providers for quick/direct links and adverts that connect directly to their websites. By accepting sponsored products and advertising from reputable companies we continue to ensure that our clear and impartial comparison charts remain entirely free.


You can trust to give you straightforward information on all the products and services featured on our website. Built on 30 years of providing clear, unbiased comparison between financial products our reputation is the gold standard against which other money comparison sites are measured. We are proud to be regarded by the financial industry and money professionals as both independent and impartial.  

We are entirely independent and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority for mortgage and insurance intermediation and credit brokerage. is the home of the money comparison experts.


Our transparent service means you get to see all the best rates. We want to be as transparent as possible in how we show these. Those products with quick links are shown first (for commercial reasons and as a convenient experience) and then the rest of the market. You can change this ordering by removing the tick on the top right of your search results. This gives you the choice of how you want to see the products and how you want to apply for them, ultimately helping you pick the deal that’s right for you. We can do all of this this because providers across the marketplace understand that delivers a fair and level playing field for their products to be compared on.



We look at the small print to make sure you have all the important information to make your decision. gives you the same, straightforward data on each product or service category – making it simple to compare like with like. Our team of financial experts and specialists survey the whole market to provide the best product for your needs – not just those of a single organisation or owner.

How we make money is a business. As a business, it's important for us to make money, so that we can continue to provide use of our site for free.

However, as a business we also take an ethical approach to the service we offer.

We show all the products available to you in our product searches. Those products which have a quick or direct link to a provider's site are shown first, usually by order of rate or the relevant factor for the product you are searching for. These are followed by the rest of the market using the same ordering process. 

We do not get paid to include products in our searches. Some companies choose to pay us for any quick or direct links, applications or sales they receive from leads from

For some product types where don’t offer a full interactive search, we show tables of selected providers which have paid us a fee to be included. These tables are described as ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Featured’ so you can easily distinguish them from our whole of market searches.
Our Moneyfacts Star Ratings pages only show the products that we have rated as four- or five-star products. Providers don’t pay us to appear on these pages and the ratings are completely independently assessed by Moneyfacts’ product experts.

It's easy to see which products we make money from: wherever you see the “go to provider” button that means we get paid either because you click the button, make an application, or buy the product. Some parts of the site show a "Speak to an adviser" button. From this you can arrange to speak to one of our selected third parties, and we will get paid by them if you buy a product following their advice.

Products that have no button available can still be applied for online, (as long as the provider allows this): you just can't do this directly from

We also earn money through companies advertising on our site. We get paid depending upon how many times an advert is shown, how long it is shown for, how many times it is clicked on by visitors and sometimes upon an account being opened.


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Find out more about our team of financial experts or discover more about our Consumer Awards and history of providing 30 years of impartial money comparison.

Our preferred brokers

There are some sections of our site where direct deals to a provider are not available, in these cases we may direct clicks towards our preferred brokers instead. These brokers have been checked to have the correct regulatory approvals and excellent customer service.  

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