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Group Publisher: Sylvia Waycot (contact Sylvia)

ALTSylvia is a qualified financial journalist who has been writing about personal finance and health insurance for over a decade. She spent a number of years editing a portfolio of international law titles before launching several online news sites. As a journalist she has been exclusively invited to dine with Government officials from the Peoples Republic of China and has been exclusively invited to report on a ‘fraud costs’ conference where the key speaker was President of the European Commission. Sylvia’s reporting style is one that wins trust and demands respect.

Any editorial queries should be directed at Sylvia, who can be contacted here.

Sylvia's recent blogs include:

1st June 2010 - Check your SVR before moving

TimWriter / Senior Reporter: Tim Leonard (contact Tim)

Having gained a degree in Industrial Economics and invaluable ‘life experience’ from Nottingham University, a career in the financial sector obviously beckoned. Virgin Money was the first port of call, providing front line experience of the fields of PEPs, ISAs, unit trusts, life insurance and pensions. However, after five years at Mr Branson’s beck and call, an opportunity to broaden my horizons presented itself at Moneyfacts. Joining the company in November 2004 as a researcher for Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts, a fledgling talent for writing was soon spotted by the editor. The role of Senior Staff Writer was quickly attained, with monthly articles being penned on anything from SIPPs to multi-manager funds to equity release. The credit crisis saw the publics and my own interest rise in mortgages, subsequently seeing me co-author the Moneyfacts Mortgage Report examining the reasons behind the crisis and the future of the mortgage market. Now comfortable writing across almost any area of personal finance, I took on my current role as Senior Reporter in September 2008. This mainly involves penning articles for this very website, although I have not abandoned my roots altogether and still contribute each month to ILP.

Tim's recent articles / blogs include:

4th March 2011 - A new a-gender
4th Feb 2011 - A risk worth taking?

JamesWriter / Reporter: James Henderson (contact James)

Having completed my Journalism studies at Preston’s University of Central Lancashire, I quickly returned back to the South East where I thoroughly annoyed my parents by lounging around their home and steadfastly refusing to look for a job. Working on a building site as an unskilled labourer for a few months quickly reawakened my inner writer. After downing my shovel, I joined Schofield Publishing in Norwich as a Staff Writer. I penned articles for their entire range of magazines, typically profiling a Polish poultry farm one day and a drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico the next. Through interviewing managing directors and CEOs across a wide range of leading international businesses, I was able to gain a real perspective on what it takes for an organisation to achieve and maintain success, especially in such challenging economic times. I became Profiles Editor for the company’s rail and utilities titles soon thereafter before moving to Moneyfacts as an Online Reporter. While I was originally brought in to write exclusively for the consumer website, my role has become wide ranging and I have become well acquainted with many areas of the personal finance sector, in particular mortgages, credit cards and savings – I’ve even started to make a dent in my own overdraft! I hope you enjoy the blog.

James's recent articles / blogs include:

28th March 2011 - The smallest of cuts
19th Nov 2010 - It's the deposit, stupid


Blogger / Editor: Lee Tillcock (contact Lee)

After gaining my degree studying psychology and its specific influences on the role of the media, I embarked on a career that has seen me carry out a variety of roles including day trading on the stock market and assisting the launch of an IFA practice. Since joining Moneyfacts in early 2000, I have worked across the personal and commercial departments, gaining a valuable insight into the role of consumers, providers and brokers in the finance sector. I am lucky enough to be one of the few; an individual who has managed to carve a career in a sector where my university education has proven useful. When writing a blog I base my views not simply on the knowledge gained from within the financial industry in which I work, but also on my own experiences. Having ‘lived a little’ and eventually settled down into marriage and family life I feel able to comment on most aspects of the personal money world. I always strive to provide an accurate and somewhat personal picture of today’s challenging market, and by nature I am more pessimist than optimist; a realist would be my chosen description. The personal finance sector has changed forever, and whilst we are hopefully slowly moving out of recession, I believe that the need for opinion and advised comment is greater than ever.

Lee's recent articles / blogs include:

RichardBlogger / Editor: Richard Eagling (contact Richard)

After gaining a degree in History and Politics from Nottingham University I followed a route familiar to many fellow graduates and entered the financial services industry. Here I spent several years working in the life and pensions and mortgage sectors at Virgin Direct and The One Account, an experience which enabled me to establish a good insight into what consumers are looking for when purchasing financial products. I joined Moneyfacts in 1999 and have held a variety of positions within the company including financial researcher, senior staff writer and editor of Business Moneyfacts. In 2002 I took on my current role as editor of Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts, a position which has given me the opportunity to appreciate the enormous challenge facing us all when saving for a comfortable retirement. As one of the few fully FPC qualified journalists in the industry and with over a decade of reporting behind me, I hope my blogs will offer a clear path through the complicated maze that is the financial services industry.

Richard's recent articles / blogs include: