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Finding motorbike insurance UK-wide

If you ride a motorbike, you want the best bike insurance UK companies can offer, at the best rates. That means finding a policy that provides exactly what you require in the way of cover - whether you're an experienced rider, a learner, or you ride a bike for a living - and making sure that cover comes at the best possible price.

With so many options available, finding the right cheap motorbike insurance online can take a lot longer than you might expect. It can be complicated comparing policies and many customers get so frustrated they settle for less than the best motor bike insurance online for their needs, or end up paying more than necessary.

Find cheaper motorbike insurance

When it comes to insurance, motorbike insurance quotes can be difficult to compare. How much difference does it make if you want to insure more than one bike, or you want additional cover for legal expenses?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are my leathers covered?

Unfortunately not, you will need to arrange a separate insurance policy to cover leathers, gloves, helmet etc.
  • Is my bike covered while being transported in a van or trailer? 

Yes, usually, but it is best to check with your insurer.

  • What is a "garaged" clause?
Your policy will be subject to your bike being kept in a garage during certain hours. If your bike were stolen during those hours and was not garaged at that time, your cover would not pay out.
  • What does "mechanical security" mean? 

This covers devices such as padlocks, chains and disc locks.

  • Are belongings in my panniers covered?
You will need to check the policy wording for this.
  • What is a "ground anchor"?
This is a metal eye concreted in the ground to which your bike is secured by means of a mechanical device such as a padlock or chain.
  • Am I covered for riding other bikes?

It depends on your insurer - you will need to check with them.

Compare prices and policies from over 20 leading motorbike insurance companies in seconds

A protected no claims discount can be particularly important when you consider that if you claim after being hit by an uninsured driver, or a driver who fails to stop, you may lose your discount.

Read our guide to no claims discounts for more information.

*50% of customers who purchased Bike Insurance through this service provided by Seopa were quoted less than £130 (Feb '16 Sales).

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