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Brits spend nearly £525K on bills

28th June 2017 Inflation means costs are rising. However, you may not have noticed some costs that are going up, as a new study shows these have been slowly rising over the past decade, resulting in a basic household bill of nearly £525,000 over an entire lifetime. Read More...

35m overpay for utilities – don’t be one of them!

17th February 2017 What was the last time you checked your utility bills? If you automatically pay what you owe each month without making sure you’re on the best deal, you could be paying far too much without even realising. Read More...

Did you know? Utility bills can affect your credit

03rd May 2017 We all know how important it can be to pay our bills on time, particularly utilities. But, there’s more to that necessity than the fear of having your energy or water supply cut off – if you don’t pay on time, it could affect your credit rating! Read More...

Should I go fix my gas and electric costs?

19th December 2016 Two price rises in the last year and uncertainty about the future direction of energy costs is leading many to consider a fix – but is it right for you? Read More...

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