Best Savings Accounts Round Up 2019 |

January 2019 - Best Savings Accounts

Best easy access accounts

The best easy access account with a £1 minimum deposit came from ICICI Bank UK’s HiSave Bonus Saver Account. This account offered savers a flexible saving option where they could make unlimited deposits and withdrawals and gain 1.55% AER on a monthly basis. This account could be opened online and savers could then manage their savings by phone and a mobile app.

For those who had a minimum deposit of £15,000 or more but wanted fast access to their funds, the Family Building Society’s Premium Saver (3) offered the best deal. This account offered a bonus-free deal that paid a variable rate of 1.51% yearly. Savers could then make further contributions until 8 March 2019 up to the £250,000 maximum investment limit and there was a minimum withdrawal of £100. Accounts were able to be opened online, in branch or by post and could be managed all these ways, as well as by phone. For those without the £15,000 minimum opening deposit and who didn’t mind banking online, during January there was also the option of Family Building Society’s Online Saver, which paid a lower rate of 1.26% starting from a minimum deposit of £100.

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Best fixed rate bonds

In January, a number of fixed rate bond providers increased their rates. The two best deals for one-year savings accounts came from Gatehouse Bank and BLME. Gatehouse Bank increased its rate last month to offer savers an expected profit rate of 2.15% for the year. It could be opened with a minimum investment of £1,000 and the account was available through the Raisin UK platform, which, depending on the amount deposited, offered a bonus of up to £100. In February the rate was reduced to 2.10%.

BLME dominated the best fixed rate bond deals during January. Its one-year savings account offered savers an expected profit rate of 2.15% on its one-year bond. The bank also offered a number of highly competitive deals for the long-term bond sector. Its seven-year bond paid an expected profit rate of 2.75%, its five-year deal offered 2.70%, while its four-year bond offered an expected profit rate of 2.50%.

In the two-year bond and three-year bond sectors, Al Rayan Bank offered the best January deals. Its two-year bond offered an expected profit rate of 2.42%, which was paid quarterly, while its three-year bond rate offered savers an expected profit rate of 2.52%.

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