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The deal you have selected isn't available directly today, but you can find them and more than 20 other lenders using the loans eligibility checker. has selected Loans Warehouse to help our visitors find the right loan.

Their eligibility checker takes the guess work out of applying for a loan and shows you those lenders most likely to accept your application.



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Why compare loan deals with Loans Warehouse?


1. Compare more than 20 lenders

2. Will not harm your credit score

3. Know which lenders will accept you for a loan today

4. Good and bad credit history accepted


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Reasons to get a loan

A loan can help you to finance your next car, to make home improvements, to help pay for new school uniforms or to help organise your existing debts.

The loans eligibility checker from Loans Warehouse allows you to see which lenders are most likely to accept you for a loan, along with the interest rate they will offer. And without harming your credit score.

Keep your options open and compare loan deals today.


Choose a pre-approved loan

When you apply for a loan it can sometimes be unclear if you are likely to be accepted or what interest rate you will be offered. And, if you apply to too many lenders this can also harm your credit score.

A pre-approved loan allows you to quickly see the lenders most interested in giving you a loan and the rate they can offer you.

Why you should look at your pre-approved loans:

1. More confidence in being accepted

2. Personalised rates just for you

3. Safe from harming your credit score

Get your personalised set of loans results now.

Compare loans from more than 20 lenders

Get your loan application started now.

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