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Can I get pet insurance if my pet has a pre-existing condition?
Derin Clark

Derin Clark

Online Reporter
Published: 20/08/2020

If a pet has a pre-existing illness or is already sick, it may be a challenge for pet owners to find pet insurance, but there are options available.

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Post office stops offering new travel insurance policies

The Post Office has joined several other large insurers in suspending selling new travel insurance policies in the face of the current coronavirus pandemic.

The Post Office said it had taken this difficult decision as it is unfair to sell travel insurance products to new customers who may not be able to claim due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Post Office travel insurance products will therefore be unavailable to new customers for the foreseeable future.

Since LV= became the first major name to withdraw from the travel insurance market on 11 March 2020, several household names have followed suit in no longer offering travel insurance to any new customers. These include Aviva, Churchill, Direct Line, Virgin Money, Admiral and More Than.

Some insurers, such as InsureandGo, AA, Axa and M&S are still offering travel insurance but are no longer providing cover for claims related to the Corvid-19 virus or any mutations.

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How to get the best post-lockdown car insurance

With lockdowns now easing, many motorists are taking to the road again for the first time in months, which means that many drivers will now be looking to ensure that their vehicle is legally safe to drive again.

Drivers who have not been using their vehicle during the lockdowns may have officially taken their vehicle off road by making a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN), which will have allowed them to not pay car tax or insurance during the period their vehicle was not used. Now that the lockdowns are ending however, these drivers not only need to ensure that their tax is up-to-date, but will also have to make sure that they have the right car insurance.

The good news for drivers taking to the road again is that, due to fewer cars on the road over the last year and therefore not as many accidents as normal, there is the possibility that the cost of their car insurance may have fallen. As such, drivers may want to contact their car insurance company to see if they can renew their policy at a lower price.

Alternatively, drivers looking to get the best deal may find that switching to a new car insurance provider is the better option. Drivers looking for new car insurance should evaluate the whole of market to ensure that they get the best deal for their needs.

Motorists looking for the best deal should be cautious when using car insurance comparison sites as although these sites can provide a quick and easy way of finding a deal, they often do not show whole of market options. As such, some well-known car insurance providers do not appear on these sites, which could result in drivers missing out on the best deals.

When comparing the whole of market deals, a good place to start is by visiting our car insurance page, which highlights the policies that have been awarded the Moneyfacts five and four-star ratings. Again, drivers should keep in mind that the policies included on this page are not every deal available, but instead highlight the ones that have been independently selected by a team of experts to highlight the best deals available to consumers. To see the car insurance policies that have been awarded a five and four-star rating, click here.

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Londoners pay 25.55% more on average for health insurance

Edinburgh is the cheapest place to get health insurance, paying 15.74% less than the national average.

Londoners, on average, pay £108.63 a month for health insurance, which is over a quarter more expensive than the national average at £86.07 per month.

This is according to myTribe, which used eight different insurance providers and over 700 quotes to determine these figures.

By contrast, Edinburgh was the cheapest place in the UK to purchase health insurance, with an average of £71.30.

The difference in quotes depends on a variety of factors. These include the cost of treatment for private hospitals near you, the claim rate of your postcode, how affluent your area is, and how many policy holders exist in your postcode.

The extent to which these factors will affect your claim depend on your insurer.

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53% travel without insurance

A survey from Moneyfacts has revealed that 53% of travellers have gone on holiday without taking out travel insurance, leaving them vulnerable to not just medical expenses, but also emergency travel and lost luggage costs.

Holidaying with abandon

The recently conducted survey shows that 43% of travellers have gone on holiday without travel insurance within the UK, while 10% have made the risky decision to go overseas without cover. Charlotte Nelson, spokesperson at Moneyfacts, said: "Holidaymakers are always on the lookout for a good deal, but planning a getaway without travel insurance can be a false economy.

"Many assume that with a free National Health Service, travel insurance for holidays in the UK is unnecessary. However, a policy can cover much more than just medical expenses; it includes belongings such as cameras and tablets, not to mention if your trip gets cut short.

"Interestingly, 15% of those who have used single trip travel insurance have also gone overseas without any insurance at all. This is a significant risk as, if things go wrong, the cost can quickly mount up. Those taking more than one holiday a year should perhaps consider an annual policy, as this will cover trips both abroad and in the UK."

Travel insurance costs

The survey further found that 31% of respondents paid between £51 and £100 for their last travel insurance policy, with those paying over £100 close behind at 30.5%. Meanwhile, 29% paid between £21 and £50, leaving 10.5% who paid just £1 to £20.

As expected, there were more people who'd taken out single trip cover (21%) and only paid up to £20, compared to 4% who had taken out annual insurance for the same price limit. However, a surprising 25% of people still paid more than £100 for single trip cover. Clearly, it's important to shop around.

Charlotte added: "Picking out a policy shouldn't be a burden on your time, [however,] as the majority of survey respondents (56%) take less than an hour to pick a travel insurance policy. Equally, customers looking for a deal need to be aware that simply going for the cheapest plan is not always the best option, as they could potentially be overlooking useful benefits. It would be wise to think very carefully about choosing a comprehensive package, and how much they are prepared to pay for protection in the event of a crisis."

Of the few people that said they had never bought travel insurance (6% of respondents), the majority clarified that this was because their travel insurance was included in their current account. However, even if your current account provider offers complimentary travel insurance, make sure it covers everything you need it to before you go away – you wouldn't want to get stranded in the US only to find that your free travel insurance policy only covers European destinations.

To help people decide on the best travel insurance policy for them, each year Moneyfacts rates travel insurance deals on all features aside from cost. "The Moneyfacts Travel Insurance Star Ratings is a useful tool that allows customers to quickly see the most complete products with the most features and competitive limits, helping them to see which policy best suits their needs," said Charlotte.

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Over half of drivers surveyed to use their car on holiday this year

20th April 2022

A recent poll by roadside insurance provider the AA found that 53% of UK drivers surveyed are expecting to use their vehicles while on holiday in the UK this year. The survey also found that 20% of drivers will not take any form of holiday this year due to current financial pressures. Instead, these drivers will consider day trips as a cheaper substitute. The survey was completed by more than 14,000 AA members.

A recent poll by insurance provider the AA found that 53% of UK drivers surveyed are expecting to use their vehicles while on holiday in the UK this year.

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Car insurance cost down, home insurance up

26th July 2018

The latest ‘Shoparound’ index from AA shows that car insurance premiums fell again in the second quarter of 2018, decreasing the average premium by £18. Home insurance premiums, on the other hand, climbed by 2.3% over the quarter.

The latest ‘Shoparound’ index from AA shows that car insurance premiums fell again in the second quarter of 2018, decreasing the average premium by £18. Home...

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Do you have to tell your insurance company if you’re working from home?

18th August 2020

During the height of the lockdown in April, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that 46.6% of workers were working from home and, of these, 86.0% were doing so as a result of Coronavirus pandemic

During the height of the lockdown in April, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that 46.6% of workers were working from home

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Surprising ways homeowners can invalidate their home insurance

19th November 2020

Most homeowners will have home insurance as a way to protect their property and valuables in case the worst happens.

Most homeowners will have home insurance as a way to protect their property and valuables in case the worst happens

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